Time flies…


So I slacked off a bit with writing around here.  Bite me  😛

There’s a chance that I might be decommissioning this blog in the near future and just moving everything over to my CTS page (which I’m in the process of revamping, anyways).  Just depends on how the layout of the new site works.

I randomly logged into my old livejournal account this morning (after realizing the last time I posted over there was new year’s eve lol), and ran across something that I had completely forgotten about: my 101 in 1001 list.  Oddly enough, my 1001 days ends a week from tomorrow.  I only accomplished about a third of the list, but in reading over everything that I had set for myself I realized that my life has changed SO much in the last 1001 days that the majority of the items don’t even apply anymore.

Considering that my life seems to have finally stabilized (at least for the most part), I’m going to start another list as of next Thursday.  I have a bunch of really cool things I’ve been wanting to work on/accomplish, but no real way to keep track of them and encourage myself to get my ass in gear.  So there will be some interesting ones.  Just sitting down and figuring out what I want to accomplish over the next 3+ years in *general* is going to be fairly entertaining…

I see a lot of website work and a LOT of writing in the near future…

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Oh, for a full night’s sleep…

Well, we did it.

We’re officially moved into our new apartment.

It took 2 weekends of moving on our own, and then rallying a total of 9 people and 2 large vans last weekend to get all of our stuff into the new place.

I. Am. Exhausted.

On top of moving, I started a new job.

Talk about great timing, right?

A couple weeks ago, the girl who used to answer the phones 9-5 at the Gentlemen office up and quit on Dave, my boss.  As in, she came in on Monday, texted Dave to come in (he knew something was up when she actually sent him a text, cause she never did that), and told him she quit.  Like, then and there.  So he called me Monday night and offered me the full-time job.  Which after talking it out with Matt and Duane at the LMG office and having a lengthy chat with Chris, I accepted the offer that Tuesday.

So I trained that Wednesday and Thursday, had my going-away party at LMG on Friday (which is funny cause my actual last day isn’t until next Friday) and started working the 9-5 last week.

I would like to state for the record that I am NOT a morning person.  So having to set my alarm for 7:30am and spending an hour in Chicago morning rush hour traffic?  Not my idea of a good time.  I’ve been doing this for not even two weeks, and I’m already almost on a first name basis with everyone at the Dunkin Donuts down the street from the office.

To add to all the insanity, I went to get my oil changed at Walmart last Tuesday, and my FREAKING CAR DIED.  As in, we had to push it out of the bay into a parking spot because she wouldn’t start, and Chris had to drive all the way to Niles from La Grange Park to come save me.  Had my poor girl towed to the only 24 hour garage in the entire Chicagoland area, and made a grand total of 4 trips to the 24 hour Auto Zone down the street to have the starter AND the AC compressor replaced.  6 hours and $600 later, I had my baby back.  Of course, it was 1am by the time all this bullshit was over, so I had to call in a favor and crash with friends in the area so I could get more sleep and not have to worry about traffic in the morning.

Just can’t catch a break.

So the understatement of the month is that I’m fucking tired.  I haven’t slept more than 4-5 hours a night for the last 2 weeks solid, and it’s really starting to catch up on me.

Plus, all this new job requires me to do is sit at the computer and take/make phone calls about booking strippers for private parties.  When the phone doesn’t ring or people don’t answer, it’s a struggle sometimes to stay awake.  Like right now, considering I got less than 4 hours of sleep last night and knowing that I have to stay here til about 7:30 so I can pick Kelsy up from O’Hare at 8.

Yep, the fangirl duo is back together once again.  It’s been almost exactly 10 months since I’ve seen the boys from Muse (and seriously, where the hell has time gone?  It feels like I got back from the Wembley shows like, yesterday), and tomorrow we’re going to Lollapalooza to see them!

Speaking of time flying, it’s been just under two years since The Resistance came out.  Seriously?  Two years ago at this time I was running around like a chicken with my head cut off trying to plan my birthday trip to Europe to see Muse.  Absolutely nuts.

So yeah.  I actually just talked to Duane and he managed to get me a Lolla wristband for tomorrow.  This is now the second time in the last 3 weeks that he’s come to my rescue (I owe that man a serious dinner once we get the apartment cleaned up).  Cause three weekends ago I got to see my Manchester United boys play IN PERSON for the first time.  We had access to a VIP tent with free food and beer for two hours before the game (Chris + free Guinness = happy camper), then our seats were at the 40 yard line at Soldier Field.  FREAKING AMAZING.  After following that team for 15 years, I finally got to see them play.  Of course, I took a load of pictures of Ryan Giggs as soon as he stepped onto the field and I spent the day screaming my head off, but my boys beat the Chicago Fire 3-1.  Definitely a good day.


Now that my obvious lack of sleep has caused me to ramble on, I’ll sign off.  Hopefully now that we’re getting settled and I have regular internet access, I’ll be posting more often.  I have a few personal projects (one music and one food related) that I’m going to get more involved in, so those will be ranted about in the near future…

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My good karma finally paid off…



After nearly 3 months of searching, viewing, dealing with flaky landlords, dreading the words ‘credit check’ and ‘we’re looking for perfect credit’…we finally landed a place.


Second story of a big house that the landlords own/occupy, walk-up front door, kickass deck out our back door, a yard with an herb garden, FREE laundry in the basement, dishwasher, tons of kitchen cabinet space, a pantry AND a walk-in closet in the kitchen, a big bathroom with tons of storage space, beautiful bay windows in the front and access to a 15’x15′ attic for storage!

All for less than I’m paying at my current apartment!  Holy crap!

We went over yesterday to drop off the application, and the landlords are freakin’ awesome.  Especially considering all she wanted to check was that we’re both employed and had steady income to pay rent.  I still can’t believe that 24 hours later we had a definite ‘yes’ on this place.

Best part?  They’re going out of town two weekends from now, and her husband’s plan is to have all the new insulation/carpeting done in the apartment so we can start moving in while they’re gone!  We can bang around and make noise moving everything in while they’re not there!  So we’ll easily be moved in by the 1st, just in time for Lolla and Kelsy’s arrival.

Now instead of stressing over finding a place, I get to stress over packing up ALL my stuff and getting it moved!  At least I won’t have to do it all in a single day/weekend, and we’ll have more help than I did for the last move.

Oh, and the fact that I now officially get to come home every day to Chris?

Best part of the whole deal  🙂

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When it rains…

…it pours.  Literally.

We went to the Q101 Jamboree over the weekend and got our asses kicked by a huge thunderstorm.  Got pelted by pea-to-quarter sized hail (Chris still has little cuts all over his back from being hit), and were absolutely drenched in about 5 minutes flat.  Spending the rest of the day in soaking wet clothes?  Not the best.  The bands that we saw were pretty awesome, so it was worth it (even despite the second stage being cancelled and not getting to see Bayside and 30 Seconds To Mars being cut short due to the rain delay).

In other news…

My Rock Band night has been cancelled indefinitely.  Which was a fabulous thing to learn last Tuesday.  Our “street operations manager” decided that he wanted to cancel it, despite the fact that we’ve been talking about doing a tournament.  Best part was the fact that he couldn’t even tell me himself…he made the GM of the bar do it!  Freakin’ jerks…

We got screwed out of the apartment we were trying to get, so it’s back to square one now.  This time we’re just looking for a 2 bedroom place for only us, so we’re not having to deal with the maybe’s and possibly’s of a 3rd roommate.  I’m just SO unbelievably tired of apartment hunting.  It super stresses me out.  While we’re shooting for a July 1 move, the way things have been going with trying to find a place…who the hell knows.

I’ve also been fighting the worst contact infection that I’ve had in years for the last two weeks.  I finally put my contacts back in on Saturday for the concert, and they’re itchy as hell right now.  I’m so light sensitive that I’ve got all the lights off in my office and the blinds closed, and looking at my computer monitor for extended periods of time makes my eyes water.  I’m so tired of my eyes hurting…

The only good thing to note right now is that I just had my first paycheck from the CG office deposited in my bank account this afternoon.  From the sounds of it, and considering how pissed off I am with LMG in general right now, it looks like I’m gonna start working full-time up there within the next month or so.

I. Can’t. Wait.

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Ready To Fall (over)…

Summary of the last two weeks:

LMG office has been ridiculously busy.  A week’s worth of work in 3 days last week = exhausting.

Kat arrived Wednesday.  Went to GameWorks for her birthday, and Chris’ car broke down in the parking lot.  Had to wake his mom up at 1am to drive to Schaumburg, pick us up and take us back downtown.

Starting on Friday, ACen was absolute madness.  Our costumes went over fabulously, however, I never made it to a single panel as my pinched tailbone nerve decided to rear it’s ugly head Saturday night and I wasn’t able to get out of bed without bawling.  I spent a stupid amount of money over the weekend, but it was all worth it.

Monday night I ended up taking Kat to the ER, as she tripped over a raised bit of sidewalk and bounced her noggin a couple times on the concrete.  Few hours, a scan and a diagnosis of a moderate concussion later…

Tuesday we made it to both mine and Kat’s first ever Cubs game (found AWESOME tickets on StubHub for $19 each!).  I almost got a foul ball (I was stopped abruptly by my right knee colliding with the row of seats in front of us, unfortunately.  Still massively bruised from it), we froze our asses off and generally had a good time.

Wednesday was supposed to be the day Kat flew home, but due to an ass-tastic thunderstorm that rolled through Chicago her flight was cancelled.  So I went ahead and worked at CG, stopped by home to pick her up and took her to Rock Band night again.  My old regulars came out, so we actually got to play with other people and it was a good time.

Yesterday I was supposed to work at CG, but as I breezed through the entire to-do list that Dave gave me in a grand total of 2 days, I ended up having the day off.


After getting up at 8:30am to run Kat to the airport, I came home and immediately went back to sleep.

…and woke up at 5:30pm.  Didn’t get out of bed til 7pm.

It. Was. Glorious.

I almost forgot how it feels to be able to sleep without worrying about when my alarm is going to go off.

Spent the evening lounging around the house watching the Bulls game (which I will refrain from discussing in any way, shape or form), cooking shows and cartoons.  Chris and I went out for food at midnight (yes, midnight) and I got the best batch of chilaquiles I’ve ever had.  Watched a few episodes of Ghost Adventures (for which I will be rushing home tonight so I can catch the new episode), fought with an oncoming contact infection that has left me stuck in glasses for the next few days, and proceeded to pass out.

While my relatively insane two weeks are at an end (other than the Man United vs Barcelona game tomorrow), Chris’ ridiculous weekend is just beginning.  Poor kid is working a double today, possibly a double tomorrow and is working Sunday night.  It’s a good thing I ended up with yesterday off, otherwise we would’ve barely seen each other.

Other than doing a little work on the Roadhouse website (which is almost done!  I’m so excited!), I have fuck-all to do this weekend.  I couldn’t be more excited  😀

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Dear life, please slow down for a minute…

Well hello, journal.

It’s been a while.

It’s not that I’m trying to ignore you.  It’s just that every time I sit down at a computer these days, I’m freakin’ working.  Like, even when I’m at home.

I’ve officially started my second job with Chicago Gentlemen, and it’s AWESOME.  My boss Dave is super cool (although I’m willing to overlook the fact that he’s a Yankees fan haha), and for the first time in years I’m actually excited to go to work.  So far I’m just doing web design and a little bit of graphic stuff, but there’s a ridiculous amount of potential with this job.  The only problem I’m having is trying to balance working in the LMG office, working for CG (as their office is clear out in Park Ridge.  40 minutes one way on the interstate?  Ugh.), having a social life, spending time with Chris and finding time to sleep at some point.

Although Chris and I went to a concert last weekend (I got us on the guestlist for the sold-out Rise Against show on Saturday.  He spent the whole show in the pit and I don’t think I’ve ever seen him that spazzed out and happy), these next two weeks are going to be ROUGH.

To start, I’m working my usual week’s worth of hours at LMG in 3 days, including 11-hour days today and tomorrow.  Wednesday I’m picking Kat up from the airport, working a full 8 hour day in the office and then doing Rock Band.  Thursday, I have to work at CG for 8 hours, then we’re taking Kat to GameWorks for her birthday.  Friday starts the madness that will be a weekend at ACEN, where there will be loads of cosplay, going to panels, buying all sorts of nerdy anime things and boozing at our hotel.

Sunday night we’re going to attempt a trip to the burbs to go kick the soccer ball around for a while (and to further exhaust myself so I can pass the hell out and sleep properly).  Monday and Tuesday I’m back at LMG, and I’m still trying to acquire tickets to Tuesday night’s Cubs vs Mets game (despite living in Chicago for 8 years, I’ve never been to Wrigley.  I wouldn’t even be going if Kat wasn’t such a huge Cubs fan and wanted to go to a game while she was here).  Wednesday Kat flies home, I’m working a full day at CG, then coming back downtown for Rock Band.  Thursday is a full CG day, Friday is a full LMG day…

Then Saturday is the UEFA championship game.  We’re finally making a trip to Temple Bar (which is the only Manchester United bar in Chicago.  I’m thrilled to be among fellow Reds!) to watch my boys beat some Barcelona ass, wipe the field with Lionel Messi’s face and take the title.

After that, however…

I HAVE THE REST OF THE WEEKEND OFF.  I plan on parking myself on the couch, surrounded by junk food, and do absolutely nothing but watch TV/play video games and sleep as much as my body will let me until Monday morning.

In the midst of all this insanity, I’m still trying to apartment hunt.  Because of all the ridiculousness over these last few weeks, we’re now pushing for a July 1st move date.  Even so, apartment hunting is stupidly stressful and can totally kiss my ass  😛

For now, back to the grindstone.

When this is all said and done, we spent this life on the run…

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Not cut out for this yet…

Yesterday afternoon, despite it only being about 50° here and raining off and on, Chris and I went to a neighborhood park and kicked the football around for a couple hours.

While it was a freakin’ blast, and I can’t wait til the weather warms up a bit (and hopefully wherever we move we’ll be close to a park) so we can go out on a regular basis and play.

Today, I’m realizing just how out of shape I am.

My entire. body. hurts. and I feel like my feet are going to fall apart (bought a new pair of boots on Tuesday and I’m still breaking them in.  I haven’t worn a pair of shoes with proper arch support in ages).  I could barely get out of bed this morning, and I almost fell off my chair earlier because my legs couldn’t move fast enough to help me regain my balance.


This is the first step for me, however.  I’ve been battling with my weight for a few years, and now that I actually have someone that’s willing and excited to get out and be active I’ll finally have motivation to start doing something about it.

Plus, this gives me a chance to go all food nerd on Chris and start experimenting with healthy cooking (I will get him to eat veggies, dammit).

Speaking of football, I’m gearing up for the big Man United vs Arsenal game on Sunday morning.  A bunch of my buddies from the bars are coming over after work (one of which is a die-hard Arsenal fan.  Shit talking will surely ensue, especially when we walk all over the Gunners), I’m making my famous full English breakfast and we’ll party til everyone either leaves or passes out.  It’ll also be the first live football match I’ll be watching on the new TV, so mass excitement there as well  😀

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